HUTECH’s First meeting of Spring 2019

In the morning of February, 12th, 2019, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology(HUTECH) held its first meeting of Spring with many interesting activities for the first day at work. 

It’s our honor to have Party Committee, Founders, Board of Trustees, Board of Rectors, and staffs from Offices – Departments, Faculties, Institutes and Centers.

Initial performance at the meeting

Giving a speech at the meeting, Dr. Kieu Tuan, Party Committee Secretary, Board of Trustees sent a thank-you message to all staffs who accompanied with HUTECH and welcomed “Happy new year 2019”.  Besides, he also made poems about Celebration of New Year. Next, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cao Minh Thi, Co-Founder, also sent the best new year wishes to all staffs of HUTECH. 

Dr. Kieu Tuan giving a speech

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cao Minh Thi, Founder, giving a speech
Mr. Nguyen Quoc Bao, Senior Lecturer, sending wishes of a prosperous year and success to HUTECH

Traditionally, leaders of the University gave red envelopes to each staff and with the hope that everyone would be always happy, full of energy and successful in many fields.

On behalf of HUTECH staffs, Mr. Nguyen Luu Thanh Tan, Lecturer of Faculty of Business Administration, giving a speech to have a great susuccessful year at HUTECH. 


Lecturers and staffs receiving red envelops with joy

Many interesting performances such as singing, dancing, and flash mob prepared by staffs were performed. .

Flash mob performed by lecturers and HUTECH Center for Culture and Arts together with lion dance

Also in the meeting, results of the contest “Colorful Spring” was also announced as follows:

  • Work office decorating:

+ First prize: Faculty of Business Administration
+ Second prize: Faculty of Japanese Studies
+ Third prize: Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanity
+ Consolidation prize: Faculty of Law and Institute of Professional Training

  • Extra prizes of the contest:

+ The best red distich: Admissions - Public Relations Office.
+ The most unique five-fruit tray: Faculty of Japanese Studies.
+ The most impressive presentation: Faculty of English.
+ Online voting: Faculty of Accounting and Finance-Banking.

Article: Nguyen Thao - Khanh Ngoc - Phuong Trinh
Translator: Tien Dat