Faculty of Civil Engineering HUTECH and Asahi Engineering Company implemented a collaborative project to research of Rigid-Frame Bridge

In order to provide the students of HUTECH’s Faculty of Civil Engineering a space for learning, research and development, the university had a meeting with the delegation of Asahi Engineering Co. Ltd., and received a grant of JPY 1 million for a collaborative research project.


Representatives of the HUTECH and Asahi Engineering Company  

discussed cooperation issues


The project has been officially signed and implemented since April 2021, with the objective of transferring the design and construction technology of the Rigid-Frame Bridge to the Vietnam market.


Additionally, HUTECH's representatives conducted a preliminary research report on the applicability of Rigid-Frame Bridge in Vietnam. Through conducting a survey of many individuals in the field of road and bridge construction, the results show that 70% believe that rigid frame bridges can be applied well in topographical conditions and internal areas in urban areas, tourist areas, northern mountainous rural areas or Tay Nguyen


Asahi Engineering Company received souvenirs from Faculty of Civil Engineering HUTECH


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