HUTECH signed a Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with Quang Dung Tek and Allied Telesis Vietnam

In order to open up learning and research opportunities for students in the Engineering and Information Technology majors, the signing ceremony of a comprehensive cooperation agreement between the HUTECH Center for Corporate Relations with Quang Dung Technology Distribution Joint Stock Company and Allied Telesis Vietnam Co., Ltd was held on October 18th 2022.

Buổi ký kết diễn ra trong không khí ấm cúng, thân mật HUTECH 1

Representatives of HUTECH, Quang Dung Tek and Allied Telesis Vietnam at the meeting

At the meeting, the three institutions exchanged and discussed comprehensive cooperation plans for training of high - quality human resources. They came to a decision to sign a cooperation agreement, work closely together in deploying content such as exchange programs with entrepreneurs, businesses, seminars, conferences, and workshops as well as visiting and internship programs.


Đại diện ba bên đã thực hiện nghi thức ký kết, mở ra nhiều cơ hội cho sinh viên HUTECH 4

The signing ceremony on October 18th 2022.


News: Kim Khang
Photos: Trung Kien

Office of External and Public Relations 
Translator: Biah Ra, Aiza